Through our shop we aim to love our neighbor near and far and to make God's grace known. We prayerfully do this by discreetly donating to causes and organizations we believe in and who share our same vision of humbly living for Christ.

We want to give in secret as much as possible in order to abide by God's law of not "sounding a trumpet" when practicing a charitable deed. Our hope is for others to understand and experience God's grace; this can be done by giving Him the glory and credit which only He deserves as a result of us giving in secret. Matthew 6:4

We want ALL of the glory to go to God and His Holy love and sovereignty. We want to point others to Christ through this shop. Periodically, we will need to partner with an organization, business, or ministry in order to help them raise funds for a specific cause, in that case, we will need to advocate for them by posting about their need on our social media, as well as, our role in donating to them to bring awareness to their cause. We by no means are perfect or do things right and good all of the time, we simply are striving to live and run this business according to His Word. As God continues to show us how to better do that, we will make changes when need be. We also desire for this shop to be a vehicle for others to give back. So, please trust that we are giving to causes that truly need it and who we personally trust are using the donation in the best interests of those in need. 

God Bless!